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"The River at Night"

"Cosy Night"

"Childhood Memory Tree"

In private collection.
"Inspired but Grounded"
"Inspired but Grounded"
"Night Blooming"
"Night Blooming"
In private collection.

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About the artist...

I was born in Gympie and was resident of central Queensland 1986-2010. I'm now back in SE Qld.

My mother & my paternal grandmother used to paint.  I enjoyed drawing as a child, & was encouraged by gifts over my childhood years of watercolour sets, oil paints, watercolour pencils, & conte de paris (like charcoal).  

I never knew what I wanted to do when I grew up.  Looking back, I wish I'd trained in graphic design, fashion design, & interior design - & of course I wish I had been drawing and painting often all this time!

I love colour, light and shade in paintings.  These paintings are just a beginning, and may not be an indication of what you shall see from me in future.

I have attended workshops conducted by Sarah Larsen in pastels & acrylics; & by Roy Oorloff.

I have exhibited more than a dozen times in central Queensland, Australia - including two two person exhibitions, and one solo exhibition.

Signature of Bronwyn

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Previous visitor comments:

"It's always good to push yourself and experiment, isn't it? I really like what you've done here. Looks "Mondrian'ish" to me. Love the bold black lines!" (Linda O'Neill)

"WOW! To be completely honest, I know almost nothing about art, but I know what I like, and I like your work - especially "night blooming." The colors give the painting so much dimension (I'm totally making that term up, but it's my way of saying it has depth) and the "glow" of the moon is delightful." (The Accidental Feminist)

"Bronwyn, your self portrait is so interesting! I really like how your layers of color give a sense of form!" (Helen Read)

"...INSPIRED and BlOKES were my favorites, but also AQUARIUM and VIOLINIST from the second gallery. You have much talent. I'm an artist too, although painting has been set aside to focus on writing..." (Carrie Alexander)

"I love your work, it has soo much energy and life!"  (Laurie Pace)

"I am a fan of your works as well. I LOVE your 'Blokes' and the 'Inspired but Grounded'"  (Charlene Zatloukal)

"I love color, so it follows that I'd love your work.  My favorite is Violinist in Scarlet."  (Judith Ryan Hendricks)

"Your work is lovely!"
  (Sara Field)

"I've been impressed with your work.  It's amazing that people you know have such wonderful talents."

"I really enjoy your dynamic approach to Art and life.  It is great to have such a talented friend of many moons."

"Bronwyn, I like your art page a lot.  Your art has a good use of color.  And the painting I like the best is "Mt Scoria"."

"I really like your style and also the fact that you are very versatile in what you can turn your hand to.  You're very clever!"

"I love your paintings, you really are talented.  Particularly liked "Blokes".  You captured them wonderfully."

"Lovely stuff Bronwyn...I am particularly taken with "Blokes" as well as a couple of others... What a talented lady you are."

"I love your usage of colours and subjects.  Very clever.  Continue with your wonderful work."

"...your paintings are BEAUTIFUL!  I wish I were able to paint like that, I found them very personal and touching, you have an amazing way with line and form."

"I absolutely LOVE your work.  It's beautiful and unique.  From one artist to another I congratulate you on a fantastic site with wonderful work!"

"Your work is wonderful. I especially love the aquarium..."

"I took a look at your art, too, and I love ‘Inspired but Grounded’."

"You have shown a true sense of passion.  Keep up your wonderful work.  I look forward to future showings."

"Love your art...I really do. Imagine my surprise to find that someone actually lists me as one of their favorite artists...Very cool! Thank you. I appreciate it very much."

"Hi! I like your pictures because they have so many colours! The two pictures I like best are: "mt scoria" and "blokes"."

"...your work is lovely! I particularly warmed to aquarium, stirred some lovely emotions."

"...I like your Tribute painting very much..."  (Carla Sonheim)

"Your work is wonderful as well, expressive and full of color. I truly dislike STUFFY pictures.  Realism is to be admired and some do it really well, like HOllingsworth on eBay, but on the whole, as an art teacher, I enjoy the expressionism from with in the soul that pulls the energy and places it on the surface....and not the imitation of life on the outside.  I like life and energy on the inside!"

"Your painting ... of the little girl is so very sweet, what a gift you have."

"Inspired but Grounded"  is a sensational piece!  Good stuff, love the textures."



Here are the results of the popularity poll:

("Norris", "Tribute", and "Forest Meets Dune" are here.)



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Artists whose work I enjoy (links):

Antonella Affronti, Palermo, Italy

Jane Aukshunas, Oregon, USA

Anna Bartlett, Toowoomba, Qld, Australia

Julie Fillo, Tacoma, Washington, USA

Jasmine Ann Becket-Griffith, Celebration, Florida, USA

Pamela Brooke, Portland, Oregon, USA

Matilde Caceres-Zelinger, Mission, Texas, USA

DeAnna G. Conn, Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA

Diane Deam, Lake Havasu City, Arizona, USA

Angel Turner Dyke, Louisiana, USA

Thomas C. Fedro, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Anne Leuck Feldhaus, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Kathy Hatt, Show Low, Arizona, USA

Amanda Hone, Trawsfynydd, Wales, UK

Debi Hubbs, Alpine, California, USA

Virginia Kilpatrick, Hohenwald, Tennessee, USA

Ann Krasner, California, USA

Karen McCray, Riverdale, Maryland, USA

Nico Niemi, Wisconsin, USA

Andrea Pratt, North Delta, Canada

Teresa Nolen Pratt, Knoxville, Tenne

Regan Tausch, Long Island, New York, USA

Barbara Steele Thibodeaux, Louisiana?, USA

Valery Tsenov, Montana?,  Bulgaria

Veralyn Villanueva, Waikoloa, Hawaii, USA

Yoju, Saratoga, California, USA

Emily Zasada, Fairfax, Virginia

Charlene Zatlouka, Nebraska, USA

Marcie Ziv, Coral Gables, Florida, USA

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Online art, artists, galleries, arts festivals, art workshop venues, and art groups in central Queensland, Australia:

Una Barnett 

Carmen Beezley-Drake, Rockhampton

Cecilie Bolton, Yeppoon

Coralie Busby

Anna Casey, Rockhampton

Cedar Galleries, Calliope/Benaraby

Central Queensland Contemporary Artists

Kelly Cramer, Rockhampton

Dorothy Cranston

Joy Cronin

Robyn Davey, Gladstone

Lyn Diefenbach, Yeppoon

Emu Park Gallery

Sandra Fishlock, Yeppoon

Gladstone Childrens' Art Group

Gladstone Regional Art Gallery

Gladstone Visual Art Association Inc.

(Gladstone) Waterfront Artists

Mirta Golic

Jet James, Rockhampton

Gloria Kane

Brian Kehoe, Emu Park

Michele Kershaw, Yeppoon

Rita Kershaw, Rockhampton

Sarah Larsen, Thangool

Sarah Lewis

Noeline Machan, Yeppoon

Auda Maclean, Baralaba

Noelene Mclean

Ainslie McMahon, Rockhampton

Ian Mercer, Yeppoon

Sarah Miller

The Mill Gallery, Yeppoon

Ellie Neilsen

Mary Norris, Gladstone

Dawn Pearce, Yeppoon

Pizazz, by Amiee, Biloela

Dawn Pound

Rockhampton Art Gallery

Royal Qld Art Society Inc., Rockhampton

Francesca Schmitt

Iris Sinclair

Bob Stack, Emu Park

'The' Gallery, Emu Park

Judy Vander-Have

Zeena Vessey

The Village Festival of Arts & Music, Yeppoon

Walter Reid Community Arts Centre

Joan Warmington, Miriamvale

Gloria Woodward

(Central Qld artists:  please contact me if you have some art online, & you'd like to be listed, too - this is a free community service.)

Errors or omissions?  Please let me know.

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